New Orleans/Fort Myers Vacation

I feel totally bad I have not updated this Vlog/Blog in several months. Due to weak hotel and travel internet connections I was unable to upload my video until I got home after this vacation was over. As in my last Post, I was able to get a double decker Mega Bus from Downtown Indianapolis to Downtown Chicago, where I picked up the Amtrack Train from Chicago to New Orleans. I boarded around 8pm on Sunday Evening, and the train did not arrive into New Orleans until around 2-3pm Monday. (about a 18-19 hour Train Ride). When I arrived in New Orleans I was met at the train station by my Mom and Step-Dad, where we spent that evening in New Orleans, and then started to head to Fort Myers, Florida. With a stop in Sarasota, Florida to visit relatives before arriving at my Step-sisters and Her husbands house where we spent almost a week. It was a bit cool at times, but the weather was so much better than it was in Indianapolis, not to mention spent several days around the beach. and had a wonderful visit with my step-sister and her husband. After leaving we headed north back to Indianapolis, with a stop in Georgia to have a great dinner with my step-brother, his wife, and her two kids. As we got to Kentucky, strong chilly winds moved in and ended up staying an extra night to avoid a nice snow storm moving into the Indiana and Indianapolis area. Over all it was a great vacation. and a good time had by all.

Pictures can be found on my instagram account

Heres the videos from the rest of the vacation/trip:


Der Dutchman Amish Kitchen Cooking: Sarasota, Florida:

Siesta Public Beach, Florida:



Six Mile Cypress Slough Preserve: Fort Myers, Florida:

Beach Stores- The Boardwalk on Fort Myers Beach- Florida:



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