New Orleans, LA & Amtrack Train to Get There

On Sunday, Febrary 24th, I left Indianapolis in mid afternoon by Megabus (http://www.megabs) to Chicago’s Union Station where I cought an Amtrack Train to New Orleans, LA.


Once I arrived in New Orleans, LA mid-afternoon on Monday, Febrary 25th, 2013. Did a little sightseeing. For the most of the short time we were in New Orleans poured rain on and off and cut my video and photo taking very short.


~ by midwestbk on February 26, 2013.

2 Responses to “New Orleans, LA & Amtrack Train to Get There”

  1. The train was that empty?

    • Well when I started out in Chicago it wasnt, but as we kept stopping from Chicago to New Orleans more people kept getting off. I think when I shot that footage, people had either moved to another train car, were in the lounge, or were in other areas getting ready to get off. Some of that was like the last 20-40 minutes before our final stop, New Orleans.

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