2011 Winter Ice-Snow Blast : Saturday, February 5th.

Here in Indianapolis, Indiana on Sunday January 30th, 2011 the weather predicted a bad snow storm to move in to the Indiana area on Tuesday. As many from Sunday- Tuesday evening were clearing out shelves at almost every grocery store, anything from bread, milk, water, yogurt, lunch meat and even bananas. Not only was a bad snow storm coming but ice was predicted as well, meaning ice gathering on power lines bringing them down and many could lose power with no estimated time to repair. Many were charging portable DVD’s players, cell phones, stocking their homes with food that could be eaten without being cooked (if no power), as well flashlights, candles, salt- to melt the ice, and snow shovels were all sold out at many stores. By Thursday and Friday February 3rd & 4th NO store had any ice melting salt of any kind. On Wednesday February 2nd, they asked anyone that didnt have to be out to stay inside, as many streets were covered with a good inch and half sheet of ice. As shown on our local news many streets that are heavily traveled 24 hours a day were completly dead and very few were out. It seemed to look like a really bad movie, as if the whole city vanished. As the storm progressed we all waited to see if we were going to lose power at any given time. Finally on Saturday February 5th was able to get out and take some video of the some of the area I was able to get to.


~ by midwestbk on February 23, 2011.

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