Christmas Videos

Well it was a busy Christmas this year. Seemed very little time for shopping and nothing to be found in the time made. But as always got it all done.

I ended spending Christmas Eve at my place getting things ready, as Christmas Morning, Mom came to get me. As this past October Grandma broke her hip so was the first Christmas we didnt get to spend with her, but the rest of the family came to Mom’s. Drew and Cara were supposed to come in but their flight was delayed due to winter weather. As they were not the only ones, seemed everyone on the east coast had delays and cancelations. As they didnt get into Indianapolis until around 10 or 11am on December 26th. As also this was the first Christmas we spend in Mom and John’s New House.

We all had a wonderful meal as everyone brought a little somthing. Soon after everyone departed and Mom, John and I opened Christmas Gifts. Afterwards was taken back home, but not before trying to visit Grandma at her Retirement Cottage only to find that she was already asleep.

The next morning, had to leave for Dad’s sooner than expected so grabbed all my presents for his house, and luckily was ready for when he and Wes (my step-brother) pulled up. We got back, and for most of the afternoon was laying around the house and slowly wrapping all the presents before dinner. Sometime late afternoon Drew and Cara arrived. To announce their engagment which is scheduled in October of 2011.
After a few hours and a Colts Game dinner was served. Once again Shelley (my-stepmom) had a wonderful Christmas meal fixed as she always does every year for our family Christmas. Then it was all to the living room for us to open our gifts. and then to call it a night. I ended up sleeping over that night. and again the next night. My brother Drew, his fiancee’, Cara, my sister Lindsay and her husband and I, also squeezed in a movie this holiday season as well. Black Swan.
and Lindsay and Justin had a new member to their house, a new dog,
Norman !


~ by midwestbk on January 18, 2011.

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