New York City- Wednesday October 6, 2010 : Day 9

Wednesday, October 6, 2010.
After two days in New York, which rained both days and temps were in the 50’s, finally the sun came out and was much warmer, and felt really good the last day walking around.
After viewing a taping of the Late Show with David Letterman, Visting Times Square, Walking through Central Park, Eating awsome Chiense and Sushi meals, staying at a wonderful Hotel not to mention very comfortable, Going through the NBC tour and visiting there gift shop, taking the New York Subway, walking so much, even got a blister from all the walking. I hated to leave New York as these last two videos are just us walking around the last day, trying to fit our last minute sightseeing in. As also was very suprised of New York, yes you have to be careful when crossing the street, always secure your bags and wallets, be aware of your surroundings, knowing sometimes catching a cab can be hard or very easy, expect hearing lots of sirens at all hours and seeing many fire and abulance, as well New York Police everywhere, May take you half hour to go a block in a car as traffic is so bad, and everyone honks. But the service was beyond what I ever expected in New York City, Everyone was so helpful throughout our entire stay at The Marcel at Gramercy, as helped us with a map, how to catch a cab and get around as well offered to hold our luggage after checkout so we could finish sightseeing for a few hours. As well everyone at CBS Late Show with David Letterman was so nice and helpful, upbeat and always helped to answer all questions as the same with the tour guides at NBC Studios, The store employees that I visited were very nice and helpful as well. and had always great service at the restaurants and food places we stopped at. It was a wonderful and fantastic trip, as a big THANK YOU to my brother, Drew, who made it all possible.

Wednesday: Part 1

Wednesday: Part 2


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