New York City- Late Night with David Letterman & Times Square : Day 7 & 8

Monday October 4th, 2010 started off Day 7 & 8 of my Vacation.
As still in Massachuttes awoke early morning to finish packing and call the offices of CBS The Late Show with David Letterman to try to get tickets, as both my brother, Drew and I kept calling and getting busy signals, shortly after 11am a got a ring and someone at the Late Show took down my name and adjoining guest as well asked me a Late Night Question which I got right, giving us the numbers of 5 & 6 on the stand by list. As we both jumped in the car, only stopping briefly to grab lunch at Sonic Drive-Thru and barely making it to New York to check into our hotel room at The Marcel at Gramercy (, catching a cab, and getting to 53rd and Broadway to stand in the Stand By Ticket Line, barely making the cut, we both got in, seated in one of the last seats in the very back of the balcony, had a great overview of the studio and no problem seeing David Letterman, Paul Shaffer and the CBS Orchestra. As about 10 minutes left, right before the musical guest came on, a seat opened up right in the very front row and I was able to take it. Thanks to all the great people of the Late Show. as also somehow was mistaken for another studio audience member and one of the staff gave me two chocolate chips cookies that David Letterman used in his opening monalog. Afterwards Drew and I walked around New York City, went to Times Square at night to see all the signs and billboards lit up, also took the New York Subway, and after a long and eventful evening as being part of The Late Show with David Letterman Audience was the best part of the trip and evening, ended up eating pizza in our hotel room as just missed many restaurants as they closed at 10pm and we started looking at the same time they were closing. As many networks do not allow recording devices or cameras we chose to leave all cameras in the hotel room, therefore had no video from Monday so we re-traced most of our favorite places from Monday Night on Tuesday to video tape and take pictures, Here are 3 different videos all taken on Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Part 1- The Ed Sullivan Theater- Late Night with David Letterman

Part 2- Rockefeller Plaza

Part 3- Central Park & Our Hotel (& Room)


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