Indy Irish Fest: Day 2 (September 19, 2010)

As we went back to the Indy Irish Fest the following day, as every year runs Friday-Sunday. We always go Saturday, and then return first thing Sunday Morning for Catholic Mass. as Indy Fest offers a food drive, therefore those that bring canned goods inbetween a certain time, normally those that attend Mass (church service) are able to get in free for exchange of canned goods, after mass we walked around and finished our weekend and again another year at Military Park for Irish Fest.

With some time, I tried to film a quick tour of the Irish Fest using the special effects on my video camera, hope you enjoy! (sorry if didnt come out very well, as only used the special effects one other time)

p.s. If you noticed several wearing the colors Blue and White, or Indianapolis Colts Jerseys it was because later that evening just a few miles (or Less) from Military Park where the Irish Fest was held was an Indianapolis Colts Game from Lucas Oil Staium, VS the New York Jets, also, The Indianapolis Colts beat the Jets: 38 to 14


~ by midwestbk on September 20, 2010.

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