Las Vegas, Day 5 – No VIDEO Today

Day 5 has NO video. I woke up around 7:30am, to head to the Tropicana to view a taping of the CBS daytime Game Show “Lets Make a Deal” hosted by Wayne Brady. Which took the entire morning and most of the afternoon. As my brother and his girlfriend, my sister and her husband and my step-brother also joined me. After the taping we found a restaurant inside one of the Hotel/Casino’s and had a quick lunch.
With an hour to spare I went ahead and made some quick stops in some stores on the way back to the hotel, just in time to shower and get dressed for a wedding, or vow re-newel. As my Dad and Stepmother re-newed their wedding vows at the Elvis Presley Wedding Chapel. We arrived early and a couple ahead of them chose our family to be in their wedding or as their guests as it was just the two of them. A gentleman named Clay from Australia and now his wife Francesica from London. As well got to be in their wedding photo. Then was time to for my Dad and his wife to re-new their vows. After the ceremony we drove out to a wonderful Casino Resort and had an all you can eat Dinner Buffet. As the entire family was there. As there was time while waiting to get into the buffet, many of us hit the slot machines.
As most of todays events that I was part of, was for the most part Video Restricted therefore got no video at all for todays activities. As time is also limited on this vacation, my posts are short and basic and as now just getting to Mondays Video a day late, when this is over and back home may go back into some of these and update more when time permits so please Check back as may be adding more in the future .


~ by midwestbk on December 30, 2009.

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